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The places you’ll see!

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The places you’ll see!

How well do you think you know your north from south? If you’re an avid explorer, set your sights on our quiz and show how well you can navigate through our quiz on some of the places visited on a polar cruise.

Over the next three months, we will have a new quiz each month that tests your knowledge. Answer questions about our favorite travel destinations and get a chance to win some fun prizes! Play each month to try your luck and see how much you know.

Amongst all valid entries, we’ll select one lucky winner who will win a mystery box. Take part now!

Ocean Victory Polartours

A Polartours cruise is a perfect way to see the breathtaking polar regions, either the Arctic or the Antarctic. From the rugged beauty of the rocky coasts to the stunning sight of towering icebergs and vast fields of ice to the remarkable wildlife that has adapted to life at the very ends of the Earth, our polar cruises will bring you closer than you could have imagined.

We have built an expert-curated database of the best Arctic and Antarctic cruises currently available. To help you plan your perfect adventure, our unique system lets you find the ideal cruise by available dates, cruise length, price - or even by the wildlife or visitor sites you could see. At last, you can find your dream adventure cruise in just a few simple steps.

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