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Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Polar Experts

Meet Bruna

Polar Specialist

Meet Bruna, your expert travel guide at Polartours. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and passionate about nature, Bruna isn't just knowledgeable about the polar regions; she's experienced their magic firsthand during her own expedition to Antarctica in 2018. A graduate in International Relations, she excels in creating deeply personal and enriching travel experiences. Whether you're looking to explore remote icy realms or observe unique wildlife, Bruna's unique insights and enthusiasm ensure a tailored and unforgettable journey into the heart of the poles.

Meet Benno

Meet Benno, the visionary founder of Polartours. With a deep passion for travel and online marketing, Benno has journeyed to the polar regions multiple times, each trip fueling his desire to make these incredible experiences more accessible. Driven by this passion, he established a platform that simplifies the process of comparing and booking Polar Cruises. But for Benno, that was just the beginning.

Under his leadership, our expert team of travel specialists has mastered the intricacies of each cruise option, delving deeply into the unique philosophy of every ship. We pride ourselves on our profound understanding of polar destinations and are eager to share this knowledge with you. Our goal is to enrich your polar adventure, making every journey with us an unforgettable exploration of the Earth's most remote landscapes.


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