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Luxury Arctic Cruises

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Find the best price and options for luxury Arctic cruises. We update availabilities and prices daily, ensuring you get the most up-to-date offers. Experience exclusive encounters in the wild Arctic. Witness breathtaking wildlife and majestic landscapes. Explore the disappearing ice world in comfort and style.

What Distinguishes a Luxury Arctic Cruise from other Categories of Cruise?

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The rating of Arctic cruise ships depends on many factors, and you can be sure that no expense has been spared and no detail left out in preparing a luxury Arctic cruise. The main factor that stands out when comparing with other categories of Arctic cruises is that there is a lot more room on a luxury Arctic cruise ship. This means spacious common areas and cabin accommodation, with most ships offering a balcony to enjoy the amazing views. The accommodation on many of these luxury Arctic cruise ships exclusively comprises suites, and the social areas and sundecks are also far more spacious than a first-class cruise. Naturally, all of these luxury Arctic cruise ships have internet service.

Food and drink on a luxury Arctic cruise are also a key feature. Prepared by international chefs, there is a great variety at mealtimes, and often complementary beverages, such as cocktails, and fine vintages to accompany meals. Other complementary services include laundry services. Luxury Arctic cruises enjoy the highest levels of all services and have the highest staff-to-guest ratios, in some cases even 1:1. Many of these luxury Arctic cruises are on very small ships which may sleep only 12 guests, and in some cases as few as 6. This allows an opportunity to really get the best Arctic cruise itineraries in an agile format and enjoy the best possible staff to guest ratios.

Staff are particularly attentive on all luxury Arctic cruises, offering the highest levels of service, and are always at your side to answer questions and offer a helping hand, for example when embarking and disembarking for an excursion. The cuisine on these luxury cruises is particularly fine, as are the vintage wine selections. No detail has been overlooked on a Polartours luxury Arctic cruise.

Our luxury Arctic cruises are for discerning people who appreciate exclusivity. As a polar region, the Arctic encompasses the most northerly destinations on Earth. From the magnificent glaciers of Greenland to the wondrous landscapes of Svalbard and the awe-inspiring volcanic beauty of Iceland, the Arctic offers unique encounters in a very wild and rugged environment, and a chance to see the changing face of a disappearing ice world. Despite the at times inhospitable climate and challenging terrain, there are now options to travel within the Arctic Circle in style. By far the most comfortable way to experience this spectacular continent is on the most luxurious Arctic cruise. The best vessels can get you close to the action on a luxury Arctic cruise. And when the ship cannot get any further, there are usually optional activities to allow you to explore further. When the krill comes to the retreating ice floes at the start of summer, an abundance of wildlife flocks to the frozen north. Birdwatchers will be thrilled at the sight of vast cliffs teeming with auks, for example in Svalbard and Iceland. You can view breaching whales and charismatic seal families from the comfort of your luxury Arctic ship, or even take an optional Zodiac trip to venture closer into the pack-ice. Experience the vast tundra on a snowmobile or buggy, where you may also get the chance to observe the elusive polar bear and walrus.

What Can I Expect on a Luxury Arctic Cruise?

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You can expect exclusive first-class service and amenities, with all that entails. Luxury Arctic cruises are the ultimate traveling experience for your venture into one of the last unspoilt biospheres on Earth. The vessels on our most luxurious Arctic cruises feature large, beautiful cabins, staterooms, and suites, with plenty of design flair to help you feel your best in your surroundings. Outstanding features include private balconies, personal TV and entertainment systems, individual air conditioning, the very best in interior decor, and luxurious linens, and designer toiletries. Your cabin or suite is a place of peace and repose, so you can have a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed and ready for another day of discovery.

The social spaces on our luxury Arctic cruise ships are everything you could wish for and more. The well-designed areas and sundecks are your best location where you can expect all kinds of encounters. Features include jacuzzi hot tubs, sometimes in the open air, perhaps a small gym or fitness center, and opulent inside spaces for relaxing, enjoying a cocktail and chatting with like-minded fellow travelers.

There may be more than one dining option, for example a bistro and a restaurant, both offering a fantastic choice of high-quality international dishes and healthy options, all prepared by chefs trained at some of the best hotel restaurant kitchens in the world. The wine list will be carefully curated to offer outstanding vintages, and you will always be assured of superb service.

Many of our Arctic luxury cruise vessels have been purpose-built for Arctic travel, and the most luxurious Arctic cruise ships will to some extent be able to break up pack-ice and carry smaller boats or have access to snowmobiles to get you further inland. All of our luxury cruises offer lectures by experienced naturalists, and optional guided tours and activities, such as in some cases trips by Zodiac to get close to the sights!

When Should I Book my Luxury Arctic Cruise?

We highly recommend that you book your luxury Arctic cruise as far in advance as possible. Luxury cruises are very sought-after to celebrate special occasions, such as milestone anniversaries, retirement celebrations, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, so their availability is limited. Booking well in advance will give you the best chance of securing your preferred dates, activities, ship and destinations so you can curate your perfect Arctic luxury cruise experience. Consult our specialist Arctic cruise page to find out more. You can use the listing filters on this page to search for luxury cruises in Antarctica on your chosen dates. Each listing will show you all the details, features and luxury amenities which our hand-picked ships offer.

We love to help people find their dream vacation to the Arctic, so why not contact one of our expert Arctic travel advisors directly by phone or live chat to learn more about the latest availability and whether there are any discounts available on a luxury Arctic cruise? Or you can find a wealth of helpful hints and suggestions on health and safety, insurance, and packing lists for your luxury Arctic cruise on our FAQ page.

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