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Solar Eclipse

The chance of a lifetime - experience a solar eclipse from Antarctic waters.

Information about Solar Eclipse

A real “bucket list” opportunity! On December 4th, 2021, a full solar eclipse occurs in the southern hemisphere. Totality will only be experienced in the Antarctic.

The benefit of being on a cruise vessel? You can be positioned exactly in the center of the narrow path of the shadow cast by the moon as it blocks out the light from the sun.

In December, the Antarctic experiences over 20 hours of daylight in every 24 hours, and even the “night” is more like deep dusk. Imagine the contrast, then, of being among the gleaming ice and rugged coastlines when everything is plunged into an eerie darkness.

Your heart will skip a beat as the sun finally disappears, and the halo-like corona shows itself. Then, just as you have become used to the gloom, your breath will be taken away by the sudden brightness as the world returns to light and life.

There are extremely limited numbers available thanks to the popularity of this experience with both antarctic explorers and eclipse hunters and astronomers. For most of us, this will combine a once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip with a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical experience. Book your Antarctic eclipse experience now!

Interesting facts about Solar Eclipse

How can a trip to the 7th continent be even more exciting? When you get to experience the totality of an eclipse from a ship in the middle of the Antarctic, surrounded by glaciers, ice floes, snow, and remarkable wildlife. Our onboard naturalists will want your help in observing how the wildlife reacts to this strange event, particularly as they will be used to almost constant daylight at this time of year. What an experience!

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