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Iceland's most photographed spot

Information about Grundarfjorudur

As double acts go, Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall and Kirkjufell Mountain are hard to beat. Said to be Iceland's most photographed spot, the perfectly symmetrical mountain taper of Kirkjufell complements the roaring waterfall, and is said to be the most photographed spot in Iceland. That's a bold claim, considering the country's abundance of natural assets, but this natural duo is an undeniably unique and mesmerising sight. Occasionally, as the sun fades away, a stunning trio is formed, with the northern lights dancing overhead, casting its ethereal green haze over the scene below. Reach the stirring views with a short walk from Grundarfjorudur town, or head out into the wilderness on horseback, along well-trampled bridleways. The mountain is known as Church Mountain, due to its isolated peak, which pierces the sky like a spire.

Interesting facts about Grundarfjorudur

You might recognise it as a 'mountain shaped like an arrowhead', however, which is how it was described during its Game of Thrones cameo. In Grundarfjorudur itself, fishing boats gently bob amid the dramatic, snow-flecked mountain scenery. With whales cruising the fjords and eagles diving overhead, you're also at the centre of some of Iceland's most spectacular and atmospheric wildlife. As a highlight of Iceland's glorious, cinematic scenery, Grundarfjorudur is sure to whet your appetite for Iceland's immense natural beauty

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