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When is the best time to visit Antarctica?

a month by month breakdown of what to expect to see in Antarctica

When is the best time to visit Antarctica?

When is the best time to visit Antarctica?

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The Antarctica cruise season begins in November and ends in March. Each month offers something special-

November: Landscapes and landing sites are in pristine condition. A photographer's dream. The days are starting to lengthen, and penguin chicks are hatching.

December: Arguably the best time to visit Antarctica, but also the most expensive. The temperatures are at their warmest, the daylight hours are long, and the wildlife is very active. This is a particularly great time for bird enthusiasts.

January: The peak Antarctica season, offering 24-hour daylight. You can expect adorable and fluffy penguin chicks, whale and seal spotting, and melting ice that will allow you to visit more remote Antarctic sights like the Ross Sea voyages.

February: This is the best time for whale-watching. Seal pups are also learning to hunt alongside their parents. By this time, sea ice will have melted, making it a perfect time for cruises to the Polar Circle.

March: As the season wines down, you'll see fewer and fewer ships in the Antarctic seas. The temperatures begin to drop again, and you'll experience some amazing sunsets. It's a great time to spot whales and fur seals, and penguins will already be molting.

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