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Northwest Territories

Best Arctic cruises to the Northwest Territories

A beautiful mix of native culture and stunning landscapes

Information about Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a Canadian region, one of the three territories that make up Northern Canada. It’s bounded to the west by the Yukon, and you will visit the coast of both as you navigate this western part of the Northwest Passage. Depending on the ice conditions, there are plenty of opportunities to see traditional Inuit villages and encounter iconic arctic wildlife.

The Yukon coast route includes the famous Herschel Island, off the northernmost tip of Yukon. This is one of the only places in the world where you can see polar bears, grizzly bears, and black bears in the same place.

Interesting facts about Northwest Territories

Our expert guide says: “A bear-spotting trip to Herschel Island is one of the highlights of this part of the Northwest Passage. But a trip to Banks Island is also recommended, as it’s home to over 60,000 musk oxen!”

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Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories

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