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North-East Russia and Kamchatka

North-Eastern Russia and the Kamchatka Peninsula

Lands of ice and volcanoes, and where East meets East

Information about North-East Russia and Kamchatka

This remote part of the Russian (formerly Soviet) Arctic was declared a military zone after the end of the second world war and closed to everyone, even Russian citizens, until 1990.

Now accessible to adventure travelers, the Kamchatka Peninsula's beauty and teeming wildlife make it a wonderful choice for an Arctic cruise.

The region's special climate makes it a haven for animals and is also rich in plant life. The size and number of brown bears in this region are a particular highlight, but they are just one of a huge number of species that you will encounter.

Moving further north, the region includes the Bering Sea and the Bering Strait - the narrow marine corridor between Russia and Alaska, through which runs the International Date Line. Cross it, and instantly move forward or backward a day in time!

Interesting facts about North-East Russia and Kamchatka

Our expert guide says: 'The Russian Arctic is a fascinating place to explore, both for its wildlife and because of its human history. As well as superb animal encounters with species like the Russian brown bear, narwhals, beluga, and sea eagles, getting to meet the Chukchi, a nomadic people that have now settled in Eastern Siberia, is a fantastic experience.'

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Alaska and Kamchatka
North-East Russia and Kamchatka
North-East Russia and Kamchatka

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