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Experience stunning fjords, cliffs, and waterfalls of this Canadian region

Information about Labrador

Named after Portuguese explorer João Fernandes Lavrador in the late 1490s, this part of the Canadian mainland covers over 113,000 square miles. Its long coast is classified as polar in the north but sub-arctic in the south, such is its size.

There’s a rich history of indigenous settlement in Labrador - but also one of land disputes. The region only became part of Canada in 1949, having previously been argued over by Canada and Newfoundland.

The rugged coast is more varied than most expect. You will see barren areas of “arctic desert”, high tundra, and both high- and mid-boreal forests. The wildlife here is extensive - caribou, moose, black bear, and polar bears are all commonly seen here. You might also see a glimpse of the remarkable musk ox or arctic wolves.

Interesting facts about Labrador

Our expert guide says: “The Labrador coast is beautiful and varied, with lots of opportunities to spot large mammals on land. In the water, you can often encounter minke whales close to the shore.”

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