Hudson Bay Arctic Cruises: Explore this iconic shoreline
Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay

An iconic stop on your Arctic cruise exploration

Hudson Bay is enormous - in fact, it’s the second-largest bay in the world. Sheltered from the worst of the winter storms that blow over the open Arctic Ocean, this vast expanse of saltwater is a paradise for arctic wildlife.

Renowned as one of the best areas for spotting the beautiful beluga whale, Hudson Bay is also home to polar bears and countless millions of sea birds. On its remoter shores, huge herds of caribou wander, tracking the grazing routes they’ve followed for generations.

There are also several opportunities to learn more about the human history of Hudson Bay, with visits possible to several Inuit villages and historic remains of the arctic’s original colonisers, the Thule.

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Interesting facts about Hudson Bay

Our expert guide says: “If you are lucky enough to have an encounter with beluga whales, you won’t forget it in a hurry! These gorgeous animals are ice-white, friendly, and curious, and your guides will be keeping a close lookout for them to give you the best chance of seeing them up close.”

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Hudson Bay
Hudson Bay
Hudson Bay

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