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The Scandinavian and Kola Peninsulas

Information about Norwegian fjords & Lofoten Islands

Often the start of an East-West journey along the Northeast Passage, or as the start and finish of a trip to Svalbard, this region is dominated by absolutely stunning coastal landscapes.

Molded over millennia by the ice of glaciers, the fjords and inlets of the Scandinavian coastline are renowned as some of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

With a rich mix of cosmopolitan cities, arctic wilderness, forests, tundra, and a variety of cultures, Norway makes a wonderful destination of its own or as several additional stops on your arctic cruise itinerary.

Interesting facts about Norwegian fjords & Lofoten Islands

Our expert guide says: 'Cities such as Tromso, Oslo, and Murmansk are popular starting points for a wide range of Arctic cruises. If you can, spend some extra time before or after your cruise exploring the unique cultures and local attractions you can find at these vastly different Arctic and sub-Arctic towns.'

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Fjords of Norway

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