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The Faroes

Faroe Islands Cruises

A remote set of islands in between Scotland and Iceland

Information about Faroes

The Faroe Islands (often referred to simply as "the Faroes") is a rugged yet beautiful volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic. Lying roughly halfway between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroes are beautiful and fascinating despite (or perhaps because of) their remoteness.

The Faroe islanders are renowned for their friendliness and you're assured of a warm welcome. The beautiful local architecture includes many houses with turf roofs - it's not unusual to see sheep being used to "mow the roof" in summer!

No part of the Faroes is more than 3 miles from the sea, and it naturally dominates life here. Most of the islands' income is derived from fishing and fish farming, and they are home to the 4th biggest salmon farming business in the world.

Seabirds are the stars of the natural show, here. There are over 100 species of birds that make their homes here, with puffins being a particular highlight. In the waters around the Faroes, you can see pilot whales, orcas and grey seals among others.

Interesting facts about Faroes

Our expert guide says: "If your stop here allows, try and get to the westernmost island of Mykines. There's a fantastic breeding colony of puffins here, and the western edge of the island is covered in puffin burrows. Make sure you stick to the paths!"

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The Faroes
The Faroes
The Faroes

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