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This historic capital of Scotland is often the beginning or ending of your Arctic cruise

Information about Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and home to the Scottish Parliament, the ancient seat of Scottish Kings, and the world’s largest arts festival.

Edinburgh Castle sits high above the city, built on the remains of an ancient extinct volcano. Glaciers and ice sheets carved the countryside around the city center in the last ice age.

Edinburgh’s beautiful and historic architecture is celebrated because over 75% of the city’s buildings have protected status. Almost every street you walk can trace its roots to medieval times.

But Edinburgh is also a modern, vibrant city with an excellent public transit system and a superb range of shopping, eating, and sightseeing opportunities.

Interesting facts about Edinburgh

Our expert guide says: “There’s so much to see in Edinburgh, but if you only have time to visit one attraction here, make it the incredible “Dynamic Earth” - a superb interactive museum about the geology and geography of the planet.”

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