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Visit the stunning Alaska coast on an expedition cruise

Information about Alaska

The Arctic coast of Alaska is always difficult to navigate, even in summer. Still, if ice conditions allow, you will be rewarded with the stunning coastal scenery of a region few have explored by sea.

Despite the harshness of winter conditions, summer provides a respite, and this far north, the sun doesn’t set at all between May and August. Animals you can see taking advantage of the extra daylight to hunt and graze include coastal plains caribou, polar bears, ptarmigan, musk oxen, beluga whales and narwhal, and many more.

A stop at the most northerly community in America at Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) will allow you to learn more about the Eskimo community, which still preserves many traditional ways of life.

Interesting facts about Alaska

Our expert guide says: “The Alaskan coast is fascinating to explore if this part of the Northwest Passage is clear of fast ice. The long days mean wildlife is active almost all the time, providing excellent opportunities to see polar bears and the elusive narwhal.”

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