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An Antarctica Cruise with Polartours on board the G Expedition

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While many people wanting to visit Antarctica are looking for a luxury experience for their once-in-a-lifetime trip, we understand that others dream of traveling to Antarctica but do not have an endless budget at their disposal. Luckily, we have a good range of the cheapest Antarctica cruises for anyone who is prepared to sacrifice some amenities to enjoy a wallet-friendly Antarctica adventure.

We would like to stress that even the cheapest Antarctic cruises take place on board ships that have all the safety features and maintenance of the higher-range vessels. In fact, at Polartours we only offer mid-range, first class and luxury ships, as safety and comfort in this remote region are paramount, and no corners are cut in this regard. On the cheapest Antarctica cruises, your main sacrifice will be space, as the cabins will likely be smaller, a bit more basic and may feature bunk beds.

The cheapest Antarctica cruises of all still give you the full experience of the Antarctic, so tend to be bestsellers You will then be traveling on a smaller boat with about 100 passengers, or considerably fewer, and the cuisine will be nourishing and wholesome but nothing fancy. On the other hand, if you are willing to reduce the number of days on a trip to this remote destination, an excellent value and a very popular option is to be air-lifted in for a 6-day express cruise.

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What to expect on the cheapest Antarctica cruises


As the cheapest Antarctica cruises tend to attract a younger clientele, there is usually a relaxed, fun vibe on board. Your cabin may be below deck or have a porthole rather than a picture window and may feature bunk beds. The bathroom associated with the cabin will be smaller and more functional than on a higher-range ship. Everything will naturally be kept clean and tidy, as on any good ship, and there will be a housekeeping service. The spaces for socializing on the cheapest Antarctica cruises will be cozy but smaller, and there is frequently less outdoor space, with smaller decks. The highly informative wildlife and geological lectures which form part of even the cheapest Antarctica cruises may also be held outside on deck. The catering is good quality but usually simple, wholesome fare. It is important to note that the cheapest Antarctica cruises visit the same sites as the mid-range, first-class and luxury cruises, and there are some great itineraries for you to choose from. You will not be seeing less of the Antarctic; you will just have a bit less space and slightly fewer facilities on board.

How can I find the cheapest Antarctica cruises?

An Antarctica Cruise on board the G Expedition with Polartours

The cheapest Antarctica cruises are available to passengers who can be flexible about ship category and dates. Many people find the idea of an intimate voyage on a small ship very appealing, so the cheapest Antarctica cruises sell out quickly. Our Antarctica experts can often find special offers on cruises if you are prepared to travel at short notice. Get in touch with us to ask about some amazing last-minute deals on Antarctica cruises! Another tip is to be flexible about the kind of ship you want to travel on. If your main reason for visiting Antarctica is a sense of adventure and a desire to set foot on the remote continent and marvel at the scenery and wildlife, perhaps the cheapest Antarctica cruises on mid-range ships would be a great option for you.

Why should I look for the cheapest Antarctica cruises with Polartours?

Here at Polartours, we are adventure travel specialists passionate about sustainable tourism to Antarctica. We have built one of the most extensive and detailed databases of expedition vessels that offer cruises to Antarctica, with over 25 vessels and 100 routes. The ships on our listings are hand-picked by our team of Antarctica cruise experts, who can provide you with inside knowledge on all the ships, routes, and crews, ensuring you get only the best of the fleet. We offer a completely personalized service, so we can best understand exactly what you are looking for. We can thus match you with the ships and itineraries that are perfect for you, taking into account your interests, fitness level, and budget. It is this personal touch that makes booking the cheapest Antarctica cruises through Polartours a simple and rewarding experience. Why not call or live chat with us now? We can start to help you put together a wonderful low-cost Antarctica cruise of a lifetime.

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