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An Antarctica Cruise on board the G Expedition with Polartours

Arctic Cruises with Early Bird Discount

Discover Unforgettable Arctic Adventures with Early Bird Discounts

Below, you will find a carefully selected collection of Arctic cruises offering early bird discounts, enabling you to save while reserving your preferred cabin. By booking in advance, you benefit in two ways: substantial cost savings (some ships offer early bird discounts up to 40%!) and a wider range of available ships and itineraries, ensuring you can tailor your expedition to your preferences. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Start planning your extraordinary Arctic journey today!

Plan Ahead for an Unforgettable Arctic Adventure

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Content: As passionate Polar Expedition Cruise Specialists, we understand the importance of planning ahead for your Arctic cruise with an early bird discount. By booking in advance, we secure our spots on board the finest expedition ships, ensuring an extraordinary adventure amidst stunning icy landscapes and captivating wildlife encounters. Take advantage of exclusive savings and secure the cabin of your choice, as availability is limited. Join us on this remarkable Arctic journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Unlock the Benefits of Early Bird Discounts for Arctic Cruises

Ocean Albatros

Booking your Arctic cruise early comes with numerous advantages. By taking advantage of early bird discounts, we not only save on the cost of our expedition but also gain access to the best selection of itineraries and cabins. We have the opportunity to secure prime travel dates and maximize our chances of witnessing awe-inspiring wildlife, such as polar bears and majestic glaciers. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to embark on an Arctic adventure of a lifetime. Plan ahead, secure your early bird discount, and let's set sail together into the enchanting wonders of the Arctic.

What animals will I see?

We prepared a quick guide to the animals of the Arctic Regions for you

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