Wandering Albatross
Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross

The most iconic seabird, with a wingspan over 10ft!

Our Expert Says… "These birds take a full year to breed, so as the chicks fledge in November, other adults are just starting to nest. Because of this, they don't breed every year. Thanks to restrictions on long-lining it does look like this is making a difference in reducing albatross deaths."

Perhaps the most iconic of any bird? The Wandering Albatross has the longest wingspan of any living bird, with an average of 3m (10ft) and the largest-ever officially recorded being over 3.6m (12ft)! This huge span means they can glide across the ocean for many hours at a time without having to flap their wings, saving energy and allowing them to range across all of the southern oceans.

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Wandering Albatross

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