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Tristan Thrush Starchy Bird

Tristan Thrush - the "Starchy"

Delightful little bird living only on Tristan da Cunha

What you need to know about the Tristan Thrush

The Tristan thrush, or "Starchy," is a delightful little bird that adds a splash of charm to the rugged landscapes of Tristan da Cunha. With its warm brown plumage and curious nature, the Starchy is always a joy to spot as it hops around the island, foraging for insects and berries. These endearing birds are incredibly friendly and often approach humans, showing off their playful personalities. Their cheerful song fills the air, bringing a sense of warmth and life to their remote island home. The Tristan thrush is not just a pretty face; it's a vital part of the island's ecosystem, helping to keep insect populations in check and spreading seeds. This adorable avian resident is truly a treasure of Tristan da Cunha.

Tristan Thrush: Pictures & Videos

Tristan Thrush Starchy Bird

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