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Gough Moohern

Gough Moorhen

Known for its distinctive red bill and legs on Gough Island

What you need to know about the Gough Moorhen

The Gough moorhen is a delightful little character that brings a burst of energy to the rugged terrain of Gough Island. With its striking red bill and legs, this feisty bird is always on the move, scurrying through the dense vegetation in search of insects and seeds. The Gough moorhen is not shy about making its presence known, often seen dashing about with a charmingly determined look. Despite its small size, this bird has a big personality, fiercely defending its territory with spirited squawks and amusing antics. Its playful nature and quick movements make the Gough moorhen a true joy to observe, adding a touch of whimsy to the wild beauty of its island home.

Gough Moorhen: Pictures & Videos

Gough Moohern

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