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Gough Island

Gough Bunting

Endearing songbird unique to Gough Island

What you need to know about the Gough Bunting

The Gough bunting is a tiny, endearing songbird that calls the remote Gough Island its exclusive home. With its vibrant yellow plumage and sweet, melodic song, this little bird brings a cheerful presence to the island’s rugged landscape. Gough buntings are industrious nest builders, crafting cozy nests hidden among the thick vegetation to protect their precious eggs and chicks. These charming birds have a particular fondness for seeds and insects, which they diligently forage for amidst the island’s lush greenery. Unfortunately, the Gough bunting faces threats from invasive species, but dedicated conservation efforts are underway to ensure that this delightful bird continues to brighten Gough Island with its vibrant colors and joyful tunes.

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Gough Island

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