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Exclusive Heli-Landing

Exclusive Heli-Landing

See the incredible polar regions from above and below

Price: Upon request

Please note that depending on the ship, length of your cruise, and the itinerary, this price may vary. Inquire with your Polar Specialist.

Antarctica- Picture yourself setting foot in an area of Antarctica that can only be safely reached by helicopter. Now, THAT’s what we call remote! Traveling in small groups, you’ll board a helicopter and soar off to an unshared polar site where no ships can navigate. You’ll have the best seat in the house as you take in the wonders of the Antarctic peninsula.

Arctic- You will be flown from a helicopter to a pre-selected Arctic destination, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore, guided by an experienced Expedition team member. After your landing, you’ll be picked back up in the same location and taken back to your ship.

IMPORTANT: heli-landings are dependent on weather conditions and logistics.

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