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Ocean Nova

Sail the Seas - and skies - with A21

Business Flight to King George Island

The A21 fleet allows you to explore Antarctica in maximum comfort so that you can enjoy all the wonders of the landscape to the fullest. Avoid storms in the Drake Passage, and arrive to the continent quickly, by opting for an air cruise! On board either the Ocean Nova or the Magellan Explorer, you’ll enjoy a premium ship experience with a small group, with exceptional amenities, panoramic views from their observation decks, and well-appointed cabins.


Magellan Explorer

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise (8 days)

The Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise is one of the most popular Antarctica expedition trips. Arriving by flight to Antarctica, you will sail between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Enjoy seeing ice-filled fjords and spectacular icebergs, while spotting penguins, seals, and whales that call the beautiful landscape home.

Book until May 31 and save $2,000 USD per person on all 2024-25 Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise departures of Ocean Nova!

Polar Circle Ocean Nova

Polar Circle Air-Cruise (10 days)

The Polar Circle Air-Cruise is one of the most adventurous expeditions out there. Get in reach of the Antarctic Polar Circle, located at approximately 66° south of the equator. Each voyage is handcrafted by an expert team to adapt to the weather and make the most of every opportunity to explore the White Continent.


Antarctica Express Air-Cruise (6 days)

The Antarctica Express Air-Cruise is designed for travelers looking for a quick and affordable Antarctica expedition. This trip offers you the chance to visit Cape Horn, cruise the Drake Passage, land in Antarctica, and fly back.

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