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Cape Horn (known as Cabo de Hornos in Spanish) is the southernmost point of South America. It’s not technically part of the mainland, as it is the Tierra del Fuego archipelago’s most southerly headland.

Before the Panama Canal opened, it was the route used by shipping to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and its waters have a reputation for being treacherous. Thanks to the fierce currents, huge waves, strong winds, and frequent icebergs, Cape Horn is still a challenge to navigate and is seen as a “bucket list” passage for many yachtsmen.

It is also amazing for a wide range of seabirds, and marine mammals. Do look out for the Dusky Dolphin as well as the more regularly encountered Peale's Dolphin.

If your cruise vessel “rounds the Horn” then you can join the privileged ranks of those who have sailed between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans off the southernmost tip of South America!

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Unser fachkundiger Reiseführer sagt: "Kap Hoorn ist natürlich ikonisch als der Ort, an dem sich der Atlantische und der Pazifische Ozean treffen. Wenn die Wetterbedingungen es zulassen, könnte Ihr Schiff das Horn als Teil Ihres Antarktis-Abenteuers umfahren.

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Cape Horn
Cape Horn
Cape Horn

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Segeln im Beagle-Kanal & Vorträge

This 150-mile long channel between Chile and Argentina leads from Ushuaia towards the open Southern Ocean.

It's only 3 miles wide at its narrowest point, giving you some spectacular scenery as your ship navigates its way to or from the ocean. You can spot rare local dolphins here, as well as a huge variety of sea and shorebirds.

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