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Iceland is an island, a European country, located midway between North America and mainland Europe. It lies just below the Arctic Circle between 64 and 66 degrees north. The capital is Reykjavik. It is the northernmost capital in the world and is located exactly halfway between New York and Moscow.

Iceland is one of the most volcanically and geologically active inhabited places in the world. Putting that vulcanism to good use to generate steam and hot water, Iceland is almost entirely self-sufficient in clean, renewable energy.

From the low-rise, old-world charm of the capital Reykjavic to the remarkable sights of geysers, glaciers and waterfalls on the famous “Golden Circle Tour”, visitors consistently rate Iceland one of the “must-see” destinations to visit on any North Atlantic expedition. Whether you start your journey here, take a shore excursion, or cruise along the beautiful coastline, Iceland is a destination not to be missed.

Our Expert Guide says... in Iceland

“Iceland lets you get up close and personal with the ‘fire and ice’ it’s famous for. Try and visit the hot springs, geysers, and boiling mud pools at Geysir, and take a selfie as you cross a footbridge between two tectonic plates at stunning Þingvellir.”

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