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Weather and Seasons in Antarctica

Although Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth, during the tourist season (November to March) you can expect mild temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula, around 0 degrees Celsius or 34 degrees Fahrenheit. On a hot day it could even go up to 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). During the Antarctic summer, there are many hours of sunshine. Early and late in the season you can enjoy stunning sunsets. Each month of the season has its own charm and attractions that make the journey to the 7th continent worthwhile.


Quark Expeditions - Antarctica

The weather in Antarctica in November is unpredictable and typically colder than later in the season. The average temperature on the Antarctic Peninsula is around -2 degrees Celsius or 28 degrees Fahrenheit. In November, you will be one of the first visitors to Antarctica this season. The last time tourists set foot on this ground was about 8 months ago. During this month, you can witness the arrival of penguins to their breeding grounds and the mating rituals of seals.


Seaventure Antarctica

December is one of the most popular months to visit Antarctica. The landscape is still dusted with fresh white snow. There are 24 hours of daylight, so you can enjoy the views of Antarctica at any time. The average temperature on the Antarctic Peninsula in December is around -1 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Fahrenheit. December is the time to see penguin chicks hatch. And, of course, you can celebrate the winter holidays in Antarctica! Keep in mind that due to the high demand for December expeditions, the prices tend to go up.



January in Antarctica is high summer. There are over 20 hours of sunlight per day in Antarctica. You have the best chance of clear skies and mild temperatures. Penguin chicks are running around, chasing each other. It is also a good month to see seals and whales.


Whale Antarctica

The weather in Antarctica in February is still quite warm. The average temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius or 34 degrees Fahrenheit. February is the best month for those who want to make it all the way down to the Polar Circle. It is also a great time for whale watching. Penguin chicks begin to molt, losing their fluffy down feathers and growing their adult plumage.


Antarctica Sunset

March is late summer in Antarctica. The weather in Antarctica gets colder and much less predictable in March. In March the days get shorter and you can witness stunning sunsets in Antarctica, a great time for photography. Like February, March is a great time to see whales in Antarctica.

N'oubliez pas que les conditions météorologiques en Antarctique sont imprévisibles et peuvent changer au cours d'une même journée. Tous les navires ajustent leurs itinéraires en fonction des conditions météorologiques pour offrir la meilleure expérience possible. Visitez notre page « Quoi emporter » pour vous préparer aux conditions antarctiques.

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