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Choose to delight your senses with a Viventura Argentina vacation and discover the best Patagonia tours available. Trek through fairytale landscapes as you witness the wild and unspoiled nature of the Patagonia. On Viventura Argentina tours you will enjoy visiting the impressive Iguazu waterfalls, the sweeping scenery of the Patagonia, and sample many Argentine barbecue specialties as well as visit the finest wine cellars. Choose one of many Argentina tours and be dazzled by the glow of the country from the May sun.

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Destinations you will visit in Argentina

Time to travel in Argentina

The climate in Argentina is very varied due to the diversity of the country. It is subtropical in the northeast, humid in the centre and subarctic in the south. In general, it is best to travel to Argentina between October and April. Summer, from November to February, is the best time to visit Patagonia, when the weather is milder. But beware, it can be particularly hot and humid in the Buenos Aires area. If you are looking for a more temperate climate, spring or autumn is the best time to visit this great city. Autumn is definitely a good time to visit Mendoza, Cordoba and the Lake District.

Eat in Argentina

Argentine gastronomy is a mixture of flavours and cultures for the pleasure of our taste buds. Meat lovers will be amazed by its tenderness and taste, whether you enjoy it at an asado barbecue or in a fine dining restaurant. Argentina also grows many fine grape varieties and produces a multitude of delicious wines each year. In the sweet section, don't miss the milk jam, dulce de leche, which goes well with breads, medialunas (a kind of croissant), fortunas (pastries) or crepes. Discover our article "Cooking in Argentina: a journey of 1001 flavours". But also, for those who love cooking, don't forget to read our recipe for lentil stew.

Highlights in Argentina

Argentina offers so many different experiences, from its subtropical north to its glacial, subantarctic south, with deserts and pampas grasslands in between. It's home to 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with many more highlights. We asked our South American travel experts to come up with a few of their top places to visit on a trip to Argentina.

Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls lies in the rainforest between Brazil and Argentina. The waterfalls are one of the natural wonders of the world, with 2.5 kilometers of horseshoe falls that drop 75 meters. The best views are from Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinean side. Rainbows form in the spray, and the surrounding jungle is full of wildlife, including toucans, macaws, butterflies, and monkeys.

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is where to go for lively nightlife. As "tango capital of the world," the passion and skill of traditional dancers must be experienced! Great restaurants serve some of the best steak in the world, and there is also a colorful artistic quarter, great nightclubs, and countless bars to give you a night—or two—to remember.

San Carlos de Bariloche In the so-called Land of Winds, on the glacial lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is a popular base for trekking tours and ski trips to the Cerro Catedral resort. The spectacular mountain scenery, combined with Swiss-style architecture, makes Bariloche seem like a European Alpine town that’s been transplanted to the Southern Hemisphere. As well as tasting chocolate in one of the many cafés and exploring the surrounding lakes, a chairlift ride to the viewpoint on the Campanario is a must.

The Valdes Peninsula Whales, penguins, and sea lions. You’re likely to see all three on the Valdes Peninsula, a beautiful nature reserve covering over 3,500 square kilometers. Visits between June and December have the best chance to see whales from the shore. From August onwards, Magellanic penguins, sea lions, and elephant seals are likely to be spotted. The reserve’s land is also home to armadillos, guanacos, and rhea. The area has been a UNESCO-protected site since 1999.

Perito Moreno The Perito Moreno glacier is arguably one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the planet. It impresses locals, tourists, and scientists alike with its amazing and beautiful scenery and huge dimensions. Located on Lake Argentino and part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the ice is constantly in motion, enabling you to observe the calving of the glacier. Broken-off ice drifts over the lake, providing you with spectacular scenery and photo opportunities. We recommend taking your time and enjoying a picnic with a view, or a drink with pristine ice freshly off from this stunning wonder.

The End of the World Tierra del Fuego National Park makes up the southernmost part of Argentina. It’s separated from the mainland by the famous Magellan Strait. At Lapataia Bay is the very end of the Pan-American Highway, a network of roads that run from northern Canada all the way to this tip of South America. This really is the End of the World—there’s nothing else until you hit Antarctica! You can even have your passports stamped to show you have visited the Fin del Mundo in Ushuaia.

Reviews of Argentina

Lucienne G : NICE


Un parcours sans faute ! Lea a été très professionnelle avant le départ quand aux envois de documents et informations, le carnet de route et l'organisation du voyage a été sans faille: 8 vols sans aucun retard, des transports en mini-bus, car, bicyclette, canoë, bateaux, zodiac toujours à l'heure, des guides locaux très intéressants car passionnés de la destination, et LE GUIDE, DANIEL, qui a su donné rythmes et couleurs à notre aventure ! 2 semaines après mon retour, j'ai toujours de étoiles dans les yeux et la tête, merci Viventura d'avoir réalisé un de mes rêve, PATAGONIA ! PURA VIDA!

Dominique B : Aix en Provence


Un beau voyage varié à la découverte de l'Amérique du Sud avec des moments forts avec les pingouins d'Ushuaia, au Chili avec les extraordinaires glaciers Grey et Perito Moreno et le splendide Parc Torres del Paine pour finir en apothéose aux Chutes d'Iguazu. Joli clin d'œil à Buenos Aires entre modernisme, quartiers bigarrés et bien sûr tango argentin.

Birgit B.


Eine außergewöhnliche, eindrucksvolle Reise von der Wüste bis zu den Gletschern ... Die Atacama-Wüste und der Torres del Paine-Nationalpark waren ein einmaliges Naturerlebnis. Die Städtetouren haben ebenfalls einen guten ersten Eindruck in das Leben und die kulturelle Vielfalt des Landes geben können. Die Reise war im Vorfeld perfekt organisiert. Wir waren in sehr schönen Hotels, mit sehr aufmerksamen und freundlichem Personal untergebracht. Die lokalen Tour Guides vor Ort waren ebenfalls alle super, sehr freundlich und haben uns ausführlich über die jeweilige location informiert. Unser Reiseleiter Maximiliano hat uns die ganze Reise über bestens betreut und informiert. Auch hat alles - vom Hotel Check-in über die Bus-Transfers, Ausflüge, Flüge, etc. - immer absolut reibungslos funktioniert. Als wir wegen der Corona-Krise die Reise leider vorzeitig abbrechen mussten, hat das ganze viventura-Team eine Riesenleistung vollbracht, dass wir alle wieder schnell und reibungslos nach Hause kommen konnten. Vielen Dank an alle dafür. Das war sicherlich nicht meine letzte Reise mit Viventura. Ich kann Viventura mit bestem Gewissen empfehlen. Daumen hoch, I like :-) und ich komme wieder!!!

Hans Joachim R.


Fantastische Reise durch fantastische Landschaften. Reiseablauf gut gesteigert. Perfekte Organisation durch unsere Reiseleiterin Erica, die sich mit großer Leidenschaft für die kleinen und großen Belange der Mitreisenden einsetzte. Perfekt! Die Unterkünfte waren durchweg in Ordnung. Kulinarisches Highlight: „El Boliche de Alberto“ in Bariloche! Persönliche Highlights: Perito Moreno, Laguna de los Tres und Laguna Azul Adrenalin Highlight: Cagliero mit Klettersteig und Adventure-Hängebrücke

Michel H.


Superbe voyage avec des paysages magnifiques : glaciers dont le Perito Moreno, Salta et ses montagnes multicolores, les chutes d'Iguazu. L’organisation a été très bonne. Merci à Charlene pour ses conseils avant le départ et, bien entendu, merci à Maité, notre guide, qui nous a fait aimer son pays et nous a accompagné avec sa gentillesse, son sourire et son humour bienveillant.

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