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What are the Covid-19 Antarctica & Arctic requirements?

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What are the Covid-19 Requirements for Polar cruises?

What are the Covid-19 Requirements for Polar cruises?

The Argentinian and Chilean governments have announced they will open their borders for travel starting November 1st, 2021.

These are the current Covid-19 entry requirements in Argentina:

  • Must be fully vaccinated with a minimum of 14 days prior to arriving in Argentina (The approved vaccines are: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Casino, Sputnik, Johnson & Johnson).

  • Must show a negative PCR test taken no earlier than 72 days before arriving in Argentina and boarding the ship.

  • All travelers to Argentina must complete the an electronic “Health declaration form” no more than 48 hours prior to travel.

  • PCR test on day 5 to 7 after arrival (until defined by the Health Authority). This can be completed on board a cruise.

  • All travelers to Argentina must have medical travel insurance with comprehensive coverage for coronavirus, including hospitalization and the costs of self-isolation if required.

These are the current Covid-19 entry requirements in Chile:

  • Obtain a Mobility Pass issued by the Chilean Ministry of Health. The pass can be requested at www.mevacuno.gob.cl and requires proof of full vaccination. The process takes up to one month on average, therefore should be filled out 40 days before cruise departure. The Mobility Pass has a validity between 30 to 90 days from the moment the traveler enters Chile.

  • Proof of Covid-19 full vaccination. Proof of vaccination must be uploaded to the mobility pass application and presented upon arrival.

  • Negative PCR test result from a test taken within 72 hours prior to your departing flight to Chile (not arrival in Chile).

  • Travel insurance to cover any medical expenses related to COVID-19 with a minimum coverage of $30,000 USD for health benefits.

  • Travelers must complete a “Travelers’ Affidavit” form available at https://www.c19.cl/llegada-internacional.html. This form must be completed no more than 48 hours before boarding your flight to Chile.

  • Travelers will need to provide copies of the Mobility Pass, the travelers affidavit, the negative PCR test, proof of vaccination and the insurance coverage to the airline prior to boarding the flight to Chile. They will also need to show those documents to the Chilean authorities upon arrival in Chile.

  • On Arrival in Chile, travelers must take another COVID-19 PCR test. (Details on this are still forthcoming). Provided that the test result is negative, travelers will be welcome to proceed and enjoy a visit to Chile and Antarctica.

All passengers aboard Antarctica cruises MUST be fully vaccinated.

These are the current Covid-19 entry requirements in Norway:

  • All travellers must complete the entry registration form if they are 16 years or older within 72 hours before arriving in Norway.
  • Adult travellers who do not possess a valid COVID certificate must take a test (PCR or antigen) no more than 24 hours prior to arriving in Norway. If you arrive by air, the test can be taken during the last 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight on your itinerary.
  • Children are not required to take a test prior to arriving in Norway.
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